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  • Sika® RainTite

    SIKA® RAINTITE: Hợp chất chống thấm đàn hồi kháng UV dạng sệt gốc Acrylic Công Dụng của Sika Raintite – Chống thấm sàn mái bê tông – Chống thấm bề mặt hoàn thiện – Trám […]

  • Màng chống thấm tự dính Autotak

    Autotak là màng chống thấm tự dính, được chế tạo từ bitum chất lượng cao biến tính với polymer SBS (styrene-butadien-styrene), mặt dưới của màng là một lớp keo dính, mặt trên được phủ […]

  • SikaTop Seal 109 VN

    SikaTop Seal 109 VN – Lớp Phủ Chống Thấm, Cement – Polymer Cải Tiến, Đàn Hồi Mô tả  SikaTop Seal 109 VN SikaTop Seal 109 VN là lớp phủ chống thấm , hai thành […]

  • Thi công chống thấm VNT 19 Nguyễn Trãi

    Tổ hợp VNT Nguyễn Trãi cung cấp 3.500m2 diện tích sinh hoạt văn hóa cộng đồng,  14.655m2 nhà ở chung cư, 3.923m2 nhà vườn và 5.835m2 diện tích văn phòng, siêu thị. Tổ hợp […]

  • Sika® Latex TH

    Sika® Latex TH: Phụ gia chống thấm và tác nhân kết nối Công dụng Sika® Latex TH Sika® Latex TH là loại nhũ tương cao cấp, cải thiện đáng kể chất lượng của vữa xi […]

  • SikaGrout®-214-11HSSikaGrout®-214-11HS

    SikaGrout® 214-11 HS: Non-Shrink, High Early Strength, Cementitious Grout Use The high early strength property is suitable for work that requires early loads including machine bases structural columns, prestressed girders, bridge bearings, rail posts […]

  • SikaTop Seal 107

    SikaTop® Seal 107: Flexible Protective and Waterproofing Slurry Use Used for external and internal water-proofing, repair work. Areas of application: – Potable water tank – Basements – Terraces and balconies – Bridges – Retaining walls […]

  • Sikaproof® Membrane

    Sikaproof® Membrane: Highly Elastic Waterproofing Liquid Membrane Use Below grade waterproofing of concrete and masonry surface – Flat roofs – Balconies – Basement etc. – Wall damp proofing Characteristics and Advantages – Easily applied by […]

  • Sika® MonoTop®-610Sika MonoTop 610

    Sika® MonoTop®-610: Bonding Slurry and Reinforcement Corrosion Protection Use As a treatment for preventing continued corrosion of reinforcement in concrete and as a bonding bridge for concrete repair using the Sika® MonoTop® concrete repair mortars. […]

  • Intraplast® Z-HVSika Intraplast Z-HV

    Intraplast® Z-HV: Shrinkage compensating and plasticizing admixture Use A special product for the production of grouting mortar, backfilling mortar, and rock and soil anchoring. Characteristics and Advantages – High final expansion up to 10% if […]

  • Sika® Primer 3 NSika® Primer-3 N

    Sika® Primer-3 N: Primer for Joint Sealant Use Primer on porous substrate for Sikaflex PRO-2HP, Sikaflex PRO-3WF, Sikaflex-Construction, Sikaflex-15LM and Sikaflex-221 joint sealants. Characteristics and Advantages – Universal primer – Easy to apply brush […]

  • Sikadur 330

    Sikadur®-330: Nhựa Epoxy hai thành phần dùng để chống thấm chèn cho lưới gia cường Công dụng Nhựa dùng để thấm chèn cho lưới gia cường SikaWrap®, thi công ở nơi khô ráo Là lớp […]

  • Sika® Chapdur®Sikafloor Chapdur

    Sika® Chapdur®: Coloured Mineral Dry shake Floor Hardener Use For superficial reinforcing of floor surfacing and slabs in order to increase the resistance to abrasion and hence to reduce the formation of dust. Suitable […]

  • Sikaflex® PRO-3 WFSikaflex PRO 3 WF

    Sikaflex® PRO-3 WF: Elastic Polyurethane Sealant with a Movement Capacity of 25% Use Sikaflex PRO 3 WF Versatile and therefore suitable for various fields of use. Design of joints must be matched to the individual conditions […]

  • Sikaflex ConstructionSikaflex Construction

    Sikaflex® Construction (AP): 1-part polyurethane sealant for building joints Use Sikaflex Construction Used as a general purpose sealant for sealing joints in building construction such as movement and construction/isolation joints around windows and doors, facades, claddings […]

  • Sikalastic 560

    Sikalastic®-560 Economical and eco-friendly liquid applied roof waterproofing solution based on Sika Co-Elastic Technology (CET) Use – For roof waterproofing solutions in both new construction and refurbishment projects – For roofs with many details […]

  • Sika Hydrotite CJSika Hydrotite CJ

    Sika – Hydrotite CJ-Type: A Hydrophilic Rubber Combination Material For Sealing Site Formed Concrete Joints Use Is hydrophilic rubber sealing used extensively throughout the construction industry to seal joints between precast concrete units, steel […]