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  • SikaGrout®-214-11HSSikaGrout®-214-11HS

    SikaGrout® 214-11 HS: Non-Shrink, High Early Strength, Cementitious Grout Use The high early strength property is suitable for work that requires early loads including machine bases structural columns, prestressed girders, bridge bearings, rail posts […]

  • SikaGrout® 214 – 11SikaGrout 214 – 11

    SikaGrout 214 – 11: Non-Shrink, Pumpable, Cementitious Grout Use SikaGrout® 214-11 is suitable for the following grouting works: – Machine foundations – Rails beds – Columns in precast construction – Anchor bolts – Bridge […]

  • Sika® Rokkon (C-VN)Sika Rokkon

    Sika® Rokkon (C-VN): Cementitious Cartridge for Rock Bolting Use Sika Rokkon  Used for grouting rockbolts for strata reinforcement in tunneling and mining to reduce roof collapses. Characteristics and Advantages Reliability: Laboratory tested pre-packed materials avoid risks […]

  • Sikadur®-42 MPSikadur 42 MP

    Sikadur®-42 MP: 3-component epoxy resin castable grout Use Sikadur 42 MP Self–levelling, Flowable epoxy mortar on concrete, stone, steel, aluminium, asbestos cement, wood, polyester and epoxy. Characteristics and Advantages – Ready to mix – Good […]